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About us


EmpowerGenie is a Bangalore, Karnataka based organization focusing on enabling companies to leverage their workforce optimally in line with company goals while ensuring that their employees professional aspirations are also realized.


Building a proficient
capable workforce


Prathima Shetty
Co-Founder, EmpowerGenie

Prathima Shetty is an engineer with a MS degree from University of California, USA with over 25 years of work experience in the IT industry in US as well as in India with companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Cognizant. She has extensive experience in product development, technical support, project management, L&D, operations and HR. She is passionate about helping people in building the right skills required for them to excel in their jobs and has personally mentored numerous people during her career. In addition, she has initiated and lead many people initiatives focusing on skilling existing women employees on the professional and personal front and introducing and encouraging school girls to take up science based careers.

Dr. Allen Eisendrath
Co-Founder, EmpowerGenie

With over 30 years of work experience in power utilities, Allen is a leader in large-scale renewable energy integration. His core expertise is in utility restructuring & transformation. He has a Master's degree and PhD in Administration & Finance.

Chethana Marla
Co-Founder, EmpowerGenie

Chethana Marla is an engineer with a MS degree in Networking and Communications Technology from California State University, USA with 12 years of work experience in the US with SHL Systemhouse Inc ( now Verizon US) . She has helped analyse, design and implement numerous Marketing, Sales and HR technology solutions for customers like Mattel, Taco Bell, Los Angeles Fire Department etc. A strong proponent of making informed career choices that work personally as well as professionally , she is currently part of a core team running a CSR program for economically challenged children to equip them for a better future.


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